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November 20, 2006


Lydia Nafpliotis

Hi Peter & Jim,
I enjoyed reading 'Taking Time for the Holidays'. I happended upon your website after my mother-in-law asked me to 'Google' her first cousin, named Diana (Contouris) Spellos. One of the results was your website and after reading it, she asked if I would write you and see if your Mother might be her first cousin. Catherine's maiden name was Handros. Catherine's mother (Vasiliki Contouris) and Diana's father (George Contouris) were brother and sister.
Catherine was born and raised in New York City (b. 1924) and said her cousin, Diana, was a beautiful young woman who worked for Macy's and did some modeling for them too, in the 1930's. Diana eventually married someone named Peter Spellos and had two sons. Years later Diana and her husband divorced and that's all Catherine knows.
This may all be a coincidence, but I promised her I would at least contact you and ask. :-)
Thank you and take care.
Lydia Nafpliotis

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