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September 08, 2010


Sue Pelletier

I can't decide if this will be handy or annoying--it could go either way (like the auto-fill-ins on e-mail that can inadvertently lead you to send something to the wrong person). I'll have to use it for a while to see which way it goes for me.

What do you think, Jim?

James Spellos

Ultimately, I think it'll be good, but I don't crave the need for THAT much speed. I'd sacrifice a bit of speed for more intuitive (and accurate) results.


Dr. SEO Haley

I noticed that we also have the ability to turn it off, next to the search bar, if we don't like it. One thing is for sure - from an SEO perspective, this changes the way we have to think when we target keywords in the articles we write. I love it!


i definitely think that's an improved and optimized feature regarding searching on google. i find it useful.;)

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